Smallest Slight Risk Ever from SPC

April 20th, 2014 at 11:34 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Risk Area  Thought you’d like to see the smallest Slight Risk Area that I’ve ever seen SPC issue.  Click on the image to enlarge if you can’t see it.  This is for Sunday Night.  Guess it kind of narrow’s down the area to go storm-chasing.  The storm that prompted this “gigantic” Slight Risk Area has produced hail up to baseball-size and one relatively small rope tornado.  Here’s Storm Reports from SundayAt 154 days on April 20, 2014, the span between EF-3 or stronger tornadoes is the 4th longest span between in the last 60 years.  So far, we’ve had 109 reported tornadoes (this number will go down as duplicates are eliminated) in the U.S. in 2014, a record low number for Jan. 1 – Apr. 20.  Check out this graphic comparison of instability – a major ingredient for severe weather – for this year compared to average, the weak year of 1981 and the active year of 2008.  I’ve mentioned before that it’s been cold this spring (and last spring thru 4/20).   Thanks to Greg Carbin (SPC) for the comparison.  Tallahassee, Florida has had 18.86″ of rain since 3/1.  California wishes they would share.

The weather looks excellent for the Boston Marathon, partly to mostly sunny – high mid 60s.   April 26 – May 1 looks relatively chilly in Michigan and from the Northern Plains to New England. The European model sayin’ the same thing.   I’ve said before on the blog that you should hold off planting anything frost sensitive until further notice.  Anything that’s really frost tolerant can go in now…but don’t rush the growing season (which will probably be on the short side of average this summer).

The Flood Warning for the Muskegon River at Croton may be downgraded to an Advisory later today.  The river was right at Flood Stage Sunday night, but was falling very slowly.  There are still River Advisories for parts of the Maple, Chippewa, Muskegon and Pere Marquette Rivers.

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  1. Larry of Hastings, barry co says:

    I am sure the storm chasers are not happy. The other day NWS was saying a possible tornado outbreak in the Great Plains, doesn’t look good.

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