80° Next Week?

April 30th, 2014 at 9:15 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

610temp.new  610prcp.new  These are the 6-10 day temperature and precipitation forecasts for May 6 – 10, that’s Tues. thru Sat. of next week.  The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a good chance of warmer than average temperatures to our south and cooler than average temperatures to our north.  That greater-than average temperature difference could fuel some pretty good thunderstorm activity.  You can see on the precipitation forecast on the right that all of Michigan is in the green (greater probabilities of above average precipitation.

The models are varied for next week.  The GFS-plot brings the warm air up to Southern Lower Michigan and takes G.R. up into the 70s on Weds.  The Japanese model is a day slower, but would give G.R. a shot at 80° next Thurs.   The European keeps G.R. in the cooler air, giving us highs of 60° Monday, 65° Tuesday and only 54° on Weds.   We’d get showers and storms on Weds. if the European is right.  Wednesday is also a wet day on the GFS.   I’m leaning on the cautious side.  Climatologically, warm fronts can hang up near the Michigan/Indiana border at this time of year.  In any case, we’ll be close enough to the front for rain and probably a couple rounds of storms.  SPC says:  “SEVERE WEATHER MAY INCREASE ACROSS BROADER PARTS OF THE SOUTH-CENTRAL PLAINS TO THE UPPER MIDWEST INTO DAY 8/WEDNESDAY AND BEYOND.”

From my lawyer/prosecutor daughter:  “Free legal advice: When you’re at court to be sentenced for drunk driving do not wear your “Budweiser, King of Beers” jacket”.

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  1. Wayne (South of GR) says:

    GFS showing low 80′s next Thursday…..

  2. Jerry hoag says:

    This guy is looking forward to the very stormy period that is acoming next week Wednesday and Thursday!! Wahooooo Mr. Hoagieman is a ready for this!!! Bills blog will be very active as the next week plays out!!

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