Lake Superior Still Has Ice!

May 19th, 2014 at 8:58 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

lake superior ice cover 5 20 14    The evening update shows a 6.7% ice cover left on Lake Superior.  Check out the latest MODIS satellite picture of the Lake Superior area.  Clouds get in the way a little, but you can still see some ice down there.   Will it be gone by Memorial Day?  Will it all by gone by June 1?  You can still see some snow on the Mt. Ripley webcam (check the link in daytime).  Check out the Duluth Harbor webcams.   It’s BY FAR the record latest ice extent on Lake Superior and the Great Lakes.  Houghton MI hit 70° for the first time on Sunday (5/18).    S. Ste. Marie and Copper Harbor have not reached 70° yet and Manistique’s warmest day so far this year was a high of 63°.

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  1. Rad (Jenison/Hudsonville) says:

    1st , But no Prize

  2. fixxxer says:


  3. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Hey Kyle and Brian I saw you guys were talking about Tornados based on counties and I looked up actual tornados not warned storms. I searched 8 counties in and around our area and most of the counties you mentioned from 1970 to current and this is what I found. Allegan , Barry , Berrien , Calhoun , Jackson , Kzoo , Kent , Osceola … Link – below. :)

  4. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Also you mentioned being overdue for a Derecho , I think you probably mean a more substantial one , because we had one last year in June if you recall the event.,_2013_derecho_and_tornado_outbreak_series

  5. GunLakeDeb says:

    OK, NBC has just put the worst program EVER on TV. Maya Rudolf is not a singer, and barely funny. Yuck.

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Leave it up to them. Next thing you know, the Kardashian’s will be on the network. Glorifying the demise of the 21st century, and all value that is no more, is what they do best.

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        It has *some* value – made me go to bed early….LOL!!!

        Just because some of the SNL cast has gone on to bigger things, doesn’t mean ANY of them have “star power”. Some of them were hits on SNL simply because of their willingness to be ridiculous. Maya’s show was SO bad, I watched for 15 minutes, wondering when the “spoof” of a tasteless variety show would end…..LOL!!

  6. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Here is a great page to look at SVR weather events , tornados , wind , hail and if you scroll down you can click on any of the summary graphs and it will show detailed information for that year.

    Interesting trivia : What months did the top 3 tornado ( outbreaks ) events occur during , for the year 2013 ?
    1. 2. 3. ( all different months btw ). Link below Try and guess first. :)

  7. mr. negative says:

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…rain. Thursday? Cold front with temps “hopefully” reaching the 60s. Yay…another fabulous week.

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Seattle? Not here, obviously.

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      WOW – cool pic. A lot of chasers were following this cell: Gurley, Nebraska is in the southern panhandle of Nebraska. Here’s another great pic. and another: This is a supercell thunderstorm. Look at the severe weather reports: You can clearly see where this storm went…and that it produced baseball-sized hail and winds to 70 mph. There is less rain in the High Plains, so you get a great look at the CB. On time-lapse you’d see the entire storm rotating. No tornadoes with this supercell. In this drawing you can see where the lowering cloud base is…just below the storm updraft. I found a time-lapse of this storm:

      1. Paul says:

        Thanks Bill!

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