Storms around the Country

May 22nd, 2014 at 5:11 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Hail near Denver Sarah H. and 9News   Hail Denver Stadium Trevor Wallac and 9News  2 pm temperatures:  Grand Rapids 68, Benton Harbor 57, Muskegon Beach 52, Harbor Springs 43.   The pictures from 9News show hail in the Denver Area.  Hail 5″ deep!  Here’s more pictures. Here’s Storm Reports for Weds.   Note the tornadoes and hail around Denver and the swath of wind damage from Champaign IL (where they got 4″ of rain) to Bristol in NE Tennessee.    More great pictures:  Lightning by the S. Haven pier Tues. nightVery cool lightning in Cleveland. Lightning at Progressive Field in ClevelandLightning over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in ClevelandLandspout Tornado in Idaho.   Tornado near Aberdeen ID – easier to see when you don’t have any rain around the twister.   Note the Thunderstorm Risk maps from the Storm Prediction Center.  Looks like drought-stricken W. Texas is going to get a good soaking.   This is interesting…brisk wind going north to south in southern Mexico cools the water on the Pacific side…the wind stirs up cooler water from below the surface (left side of the picture).   You can also see the warmer Gulf Stream on the east side of Florida.   The temperature at the Holland Regional Airport dropped 15 deg. in an hour from 9 to 10 pm Weds.  Looks like the coming El Nino peaks in late fall/early winter – then heads down toward neutral.  Lightning over Chicago Tues. night.

We’ll have 4 dry days…today the coolest – upper 60s to near 70 – 10 degrees cooler at the lakeshore…a little warmer each day.  The next chance of a shower or t-storm is Monday and Tuesday and it would not be an all day rain.  No sign of any frost – so now is the time to plant that summer garden.

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  1. Cool hail pics! Reminds me of the pic I took of 2″ deep hail in Sand Lake and Cedar Springs on April 12 this year!

  2. fixxxer says:

    Oh l@@k yet another fall like day here. No shocker!

    1. GunLakeDeb says:

      Fixxxx – are you crazy?? It’s a GORGEOUS day out there!!!! When so many places are having awful weather – we are going to be blessed with many days of sunny, dry, “Go Outside And Play” days!!!!!!!!! Put on a jacket and sunglasses and go outside and enjoy it!

      1. WolverDog says:

        He can not, he sparkles in the sunlight…

    2. Sandy(Hudsonville) says:

      If I were you I would grab a jacket & get out there & enjoy the day. Come next January you will wish you had a day like today. It is beautiful outside.

  3. GunLakeDeb says:

    Just geeked about a day this beautiful :-)

    1. Todd A (from Holland, in GR) says:


    2. Sandy(Hudsonville) says:


  4. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    3 Feet of Hail in Colorado !! ( from last year )

  5. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Oh what a beautiful day in the neighborhood ….I love weather like this , low humidity , lots of sun , as it doesn’t get much better. Unless your Fixxxxed on never being happy!

    1. Brian (Grandville) says:

      Yup, very refreshing air mass for sure. Love it.

    1. Jack says:

      The ” JAWS” of Severe Weather !!! Stay CueDD…

    2. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      That is funny….I thought the outlook yesterday looked like a fish ….but a shark is better .. I often look at different weather outlook maps ( WPC , SPC , etc ) and wonder if who ever is creating these maps occasionally just goes a little outside of the forecasted / outlined areas just to mess with people. I swear all to often I make out images and wonder if it’s just my vivid imagination or is this a bit of humor amongst the authors ( s ) , most likely the latter of the two , but it kinda makes one wonder at times. ;) .

      1. Cort S. says:

        I rarely see shapes or images in the clouds. I usually see shapes in SPC outlooks. There was a general thunderstorm outline from the SPC last month that looked like a T-Rex… the eye was lined up with the Salt Lake.

        1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Lol…So I’m not the only one. I don’t really see cloud shapes either unless it’s very obvious . I saw the same T- Rex , or maybe from a similar outlook but a T-Rex head I saw. Hilarious

      2. GunLakeDeb says:

        I had commented on that fishy outlook as “30% chance of Rainbow Trout”….LOL!!!

        1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Speaking of fishing GLD , where would be a decent place to river fish ( non – boat ) if I just wanted to pitch from shore and have fun….? Sometimes I ride my my bike past the rogue river at times when I’m on the trail….( don’t know about fishing ). Or Lakes as well….don’t know what’s bitting / running etc…

  6. Sandy(Hudsonville) says:

    It is beautiful outside! Hope everyone is enjoying it! It is so refreshing.

  7. Mark (East Lansing) says:

    Absolutely gorgeous day. I hope Bill and all his bloggers (especially Fixxxer) have a fun-filled, safe, and enjoyable weekend.

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      Hard for one to enjoy the day if constantly fixxxxxxxxxxxxated on just the negative. Fixxxx I really think your condition is getting worse , if you truly find today’s weather to be anything other than ” a nice day ” . I’m worried about ya Fixxxx……come back from the dark side and step into the light. :)

  8. Dikehopper (Fennville) says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted about this subject. Some of you may find it interesting.

    “Rocketing solar winds may spark lightning as they buzz Earth”

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      Lighting is truly amazing , and what might be more impressive is given our ” recent ” leaps in technology / knowledge we still find lighting a mystery . Although we have discovered many nuances about this phenomenon one could argue while on this quest we have uncovered many more questions then that of answers , as this theory is an example of this …. .

      1. Dikehopper (Fennville) says:

        “Lighting is truly amazing…”

        Man, I just remembered a bolt of lightning actually coming through a screen door and almost striking my aunt. That was over 60 years ago and I still remember the look of surprise on her face – and her saying how lucky she was that she wasn’t standing a couple of feet off to the side.

        1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Wow….too close for comfort ! Glad she was okay . I often wish for lighting to strike close by , such as an open field or maybe an old deed tree , but the few times I witnessed a close strike one really realizes how much energy is generated and the dangers that come with it’s awesome beauty.

        2. GunLakeDeb says:

          Holy cow!! I think that could have scarred me for life!

      2. Cort S. says:

        Here’s one of the coolest things about lightning we discovered recently… it can create antimatter!

        1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          What….? Until this point I thought induced ( triggered ) lighting was pretty close to the top , but this definitely slides into my top spot for now , on the proverbial ” cool meter ” . Nice find Cort!! Sooo we begin to see the makings of the incredible ” hulk ” with the abundance of gamma ray emission.

          ” Triggered Lighting ” ( must see )

        2. Cort S. says:

          Triggered lightning definitely is cool. It’s a real big pain for space programs. I learned a lot about triggered lightning when I was at NASA for a summer. You’d be surprised at the amount of electrical potential that even a supercooled stratus or cumulus cloud can have. Send a rocket through there with a hot exhaust plume that connects to the ground and you’ve got bad news.

        3. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Lighting and manned shuttle launches would not mix or expensive rockets with other expensive cargo. Yikes …bad news indeed. Btw – how cool was that to spend a summer with Rocket Scientist ….! Lucky dog . I would have begged to go up in there 0 gravity sim…aka a plane! Lol

        4. GunLakeDeb says:

          OK – this kind of stuff makes my brain hurt…LOL!! All I can say is that the cartoon images of a person getting struck by lightning, and you can see their skeleton??? It must be the truth if lightning is giving off x and gamma rays, right? :-)

  9. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    I tht some might like this : ( excerpt from extended forecast )


    Around Tuesday of next week….! :)

  10. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Hey Cort – If I could barrow a moment of yr time to help understand this map. I’ve been seeing more reference to the NAEFS lately and I’m not up to speed , as I know this map is not unique to only this outlook ( or even the bulk of the representation ) but I’ve seen it used often in deterministic forecasts.

    1. Cort S. says:

      This is a 500 mb height anomaly map. The height of the 500 mb pressure surface varies naturally (from about 5 to 6 kilometers). It will generally be higher given a warmer column of air (in the tropics and in mid-latitude ridges) and lower given a cooler column of air (in the polar regions and in mid-latitude troughs). If you average out the 500 mb heights across the globe for a given time of year over a long period, you can come up with a mean state of 500 mb heights (see the images in the middle of this page). A model-generated forecast map of height anomalies shows where heights are expected to be higher than normal (shaded red) and where heights are expected to be lower than normal (shaded blue).

      1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

        Gracious….ya I wasn’t really sure how to interpret …also the significance to the weather as an impact.

      2. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

        So I’m guessing in general most systems would ” track ” along the winds at these levels ….would that be fair to say.?

        1. Cort S. says:

          Short-wavelength wave disturbances (embedded small scale ridging and troughing) within that mean height/flow pattern would be your weather systems, and they would propagate forward with the flow.

          With that height anomaly map, it’s just a general indication where a tendency for troughing/ridging is generally expected during the forecast period vs. what is average. So it’s some indication of places that may be cooler or warmer than normal.

        2. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Yes and yes….it’s nice when you pull the picture together.

        3. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          Now this tid bit makes all the more sense to me…( slowly I’m understanding the details of these sometimes wordy extended forecasts and model references , etc )


  11. Cort S. says:

    This is getting passed around social media today… fog bank over Lake Michigan seen from Frankfort.

    It reminds me of the “tsunami cloud” photo taken from Holland a few years ago (this one). They’re pretty much the same deal.

    1. DF (SE Mich) says:

      Very cool. I’ve run into those countless times sailing out there. It gets darn cold in those things… the foul weather gear, stocking hats, etc always come out.

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        Back when we had a boat at Eldean’s – we’d drive all the way from Grandville (sunny and warm) to Holland, only to find a fog bank had rolled in .

        That was long before things like webcams existed.

  12. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    I hope the cooler than average forecast for this summer holds true! The cooler the better! Bring it!

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Great weather for golf isn’t it.

    2. Rodey (Rockford) says:

      Fantastic temps. Plenty of 80′s and 90′s this summer. The warmer the better. Then a MILD winter. I love it. Fantastic. Bring it.

    3. matt says:

      Warm weather soon get used to it or move who knew imagine that thanks for listening

  13. Well.. I am officially DONE with school! Today was the last day! Couldn’t ask for a better weather to end school!

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Congrats Kyle. Any more school for your future, or going straight into the work force.

    2. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      That is always a great day!! Congrats…

  14. ER from GR says:

    So INDYY had too many sprites today and missed his pary bus return ride home from the Detroit Tigers Game and is stranded in Detroit!!!!!!!!!
    SPRITE IT UP!!!!

    1. Jack says:

      For Real ?? ERIC…… LOL….Stay CUED,,,,,,See Ya at THEEE YARDofBRICKS SUNDAY !!! Yeaaaaaaaaa?… STAY CUEDDD…..

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