Do you like warm or cold?

May 27th, 2014 at 9:14 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

GRR NWS comparison winter vs. summer   Click on the graphic to enlarge.  This is from the GRR National Weather Service.  I had to introduce Amy Grant one night at the Van Andel Arena with 10,000 people there.  I had them make as much noise as they could if they liked snow and cold and then I had those who preferred sunny and warm to scream and the sunny and warm crowd made more noise.  We don’t have likes on the blog, but you could leave a comment and tell us if you’d rather winter, snow and cold or summer, sun and warm.

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  1. Kris McHale says:

    Cold, by a country mile.

  2. Jack says:

    SPRING – SUMMER !!!!! Hands DOWN BILL !! Stay CueDDD & God Bless YOU!! :-)

  3. Bobby (Ada) says:

    WARM AND SUNNY!!!!!!

  4. dereks says:

    Warm by far! What have you not done Bill?

    1. Bill Steffen says:

      I’ve never been to Saginaw.

      1. Brian(Grandville) says:

        lol. You’re not missing much. My grandparents have a 2000 acre farm there. Flat boring farmland is all there is.

      2. CMU pitcher says:



        Kind of like the Coke vs. Pepsi taste test in the early 80′s or my favorite string of TV commercials in the 80′s staring ex ball players and some not so major league personalities for Miller Light “…Taste Great, Less Filling, Taste Great, Less Filling…..”

        If this has been the latest for ice on Lake Superior, what has been the earliest ice? August? or September?

        Take care-

        1. Bill Steffen says:

          Not August or September. I don’t think it’s cold enough to get surface ice even in October…It’s just a guess, but I’d say November. The average low temperature in G.R. doesn’t get below freezing until mid-November.

        2. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

          I like the warm vs cold question as it’s always being batted back and forth anyways , and it’s interesting to read what peoples ideal weather would look like. Nice one Bill.

      3. Jack says:

        BILL speaking of Saginaw M.I. here is a OLD SONG, With a Little Saginaw HISTORY !!! CUE::: Saginaw Michigan – Lefty Frizzell (with lyrics) – YouTube
        ► 3:11► 3:11
        ENJOY….& Stay CUEDD…West Michigans BEST!!!!

      4. AlleganJoe says:

        Not Missing Anything…..Thank Goodness you are not there now….LOL :)

  5. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    During late Fall, Winter and early Spring give me as much COLD and SNOW as you can! I would be happy with 200 inches of SNOW and temperatures never higher than 32 degrees all WINTER! Then the rest of the year give me temps in the 70′s with plenty of sun! Great golf weather! Who knew?

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Sound perfect. I love it!

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        +100 TRILLION!

  6. Randy says:

    BOTH! I love a good cold and snowy winter but equally love a warm and sunny summer!

  7. Rocky (Rockford) says:


  8. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    I’m going to have to say a ” Rocky ” winter ( 140 ” ) a thunder-storm spring and an average / slight below summer , done and done. I can’t pick one over the other Bill sorry , I like all seasons , oh yes and a scenic fall as a side dish. Sounds like Mi to me…!!! :) . One caveat I’ll take thunder- year around , thunder-snow is just fine by me , in fact just haveThor move to Mi…! hehe

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      Now you’re talking.

  9. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    I like the cold waaaay more. I was outside yesterday in the heat and passed out at Gander Mountain. Now I feel all loopy today. The cold is so much better.

    1. Brian(Grandville) says:

      +1. Tomorrow should be a nice for both of us, with temps mainly in the 70′s, and less humid too.

  10. Scott (robinson twsp) says:

    Fall- Winter. :) Although the older I get, the more I prefer summer.

  11. Meagan says:

    Sunny and warm. In between 80 and 90 are perfect temps. I am a beach girl. Although, I do like the change of seasons…

  12. Brad (Van Buren) says:

    I like both. I love snowboarding in the winter, hunting in the fall, and I love Bass fishing in the summer. Golf…never understood golf, if it doesn’t involve killing something and eating it, then it doesn’t usually interest me. Seasonal changes…it’s why we live here, right?

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      Do you snow-board with a gun….lol. New Olympic sport in the making.

      1. Brad (Van Buren) says:

        Ha! That’s one I haven’t tried yet.

  13. Ian (Jenison) says:

    Just anxiously watching the radar as always, hope some of this rain makes it this way!

    1. Brad (Van Buren) says:

      Was hoping the same thing, but it looks as if the big lake is eating the rain up.

  14. Definitely summer and warm!! Just not too much humidity :) I’m a summer girl at heart. Love being up at the cottage…waterskiing, tubing, fires at night :)

  15. GunLakeDeb says:

    I guess if I had to pick one of the two choices, I’d go with warm? I don’t have to shovel “warm”. But I really enjoy all four seasons.

  16. Resourceful Nana says:

    Please don’t make me choose between hot and cold! I look forward to every season as it approaches. I love autumn the most; its only drawback for me being the shorter length of daylight. Yes, each season brings beauty, delight and joy and I am grateful to live where I can experience all kinds of weather. (Of course, there are those days when I wish I could “control” it, too!)

  17. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

    Spring is my favorite – everything that’s covered in snow all winter long starts to pop out of the ground. Flowers and birds have been waiting all winter to come and share their brilliant colors and sounds with us. I look forward to all the “spring” birds that come back from their winter homes to spend their summer here. Everything is the most brilliant green after a long hard winter like we had. True, sometimes (like this past winter) we sit and wonder if spring will ever arrive. But when she does arrive in all her “new” beauty, she is something to behold :)

  18. I tend to like all seasons in West Michigan, just as long as one or the other don’t drag out to long (such as this winter). If I had to choose Sunny and Warm with scattered thunderstorms a couple days of the week. I don’t mind humid conditions like we had today and warm, but I guess Ive grown used to it driving a car all summer with no air for the past 3 years

  19. Jack Martin says:

    Nothing quite like a good storm coming off of a breeze from Lake Michigan . At the same note, a great shelf cloud approach as well as Lake effect bands to decorate the seasons! All four seasons blend well here in West Michigan.

  20. Jack says:

    Bill, I will Answer This With a Tune…..CUE, Mungo Jerry :::::: Heeeeheeeee..stay CUEDDD….& Go Tigers….. ;-)

  21. Justin (Grand Haven) says:

    Easily sunny and warm. Mid April-August is my favorite time of year. Although, I sure do love the snow, just not the cold that comes along with it.

  22. tom says:

    I am not a fan of the heat and humidity. I prefer temps under 80 and dew points in the comfortable lower 50s way more than what we have had the past couple of days. Of course on the other hand, this past winter was ridiculous. Why is it so hard to have a nice moderation that lingers around?

  23. Dan (Byron Center) says:

    Amy Grant does an excellent job in concert. I saw her in Detroit many years ago! I prefer a decent winter. Temps in the teens to 20s and snowfall around the 90 inch mark for the season. Then, I prefer a nice warm up in the Spring. Temps around 80 degrees and some nice garden variety thunderstorms from time yo time.I know you were asking for one or the other.

  24. AlleganJoe says:

    *** SUNNY~HOT~WARM WEATHER…….SUMMER!!! *** :) :) :)

  25. SBPortage002 says:

    I don’t do much in the winter outside, but I love to get outside in the spring-summer, so I prefer warm (75-85) and sunshine with a storm or two thrown in. I do, however, like a good snowstorm in the winter. I just wish they could invent heated roads to keep the snow off. Last winter was an adventure on the roads I prefer not to live through again.

  26. Lisa says:

    Amy Grant is my favorite! I love sunny and warm!

  27. Ginny DeHaan says:

    I love a cold snowy winter, and a warm (not hot!) summer. This past winter was a bit much but I truly enjoyed it. Two summers ago was hell.

  28. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Cold and snow in the winter, warm (not hot) in the summer. Everything in it’s place.

  29. fixxxer says:

    lol… do i really need to answer this question bill?

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      We know Fixxx , you hate all things ” weather ” it’s nice out or not…!

      1. Rad (Jenison/Hudsonville) says:


  30. Tim (Spring Lake) says:

    Sunny and warm by a landslide for me. Camping, boating, riding bikes….doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  31. frosty says:

    ♡♡♡♡Spring & Fall♡♡♡♡♡

  32. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

    Sunny and warm by far!!

  33. Maxi says:

    Cold and Snowy! Smell of two stroke racing snowmobile exhaust and the excitement of going fast and turning left.

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      Maxi , so your snow mobile is like Nascar , left turns only. hehehe. Sounds fun !!

      1. Maxi says:

        Yep, right turns are un-natural and are only good for pulling into the pits…lol.

        We have a great time racing our vintage sleds. Sleds from 1969 to 2011 won races in our 5 race schedule last winter.


  34. Craig (Holland North Sider) says:

    Sunny and warm! 75-80 all year would be great with me.

  35. SlimJim NW GR (1) says:

    I like it warm to me the best weather is temps in the 80 to 85° range during the day and mid 60’s for an overnight low. That would be my ideal summer temp range. Just add in a few nighttime thunderstorms and I would be all set. Heck it could stay that way all year and I would be a happy camper.

  36. Joe (Cascade) says:

    My preference is warm and sunny. I enjoy the seasonal changes, and even some winter. For me the ideal winter would be that it did not get cold and snowy until Thanksgiving, and then snowed like crazy between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then about mid January spring would start :)

    1. Dikehopper (Fennville) says:

      Joe pretty well describes my preferences. I like the four seasons but to me, winter drags on too long.

  37. David NE GR says:

    Late summer early fall for fly fishing.
    Bur nothing beats a howling blizzard off the Lake!

  38. Rad (Jenison/Hudsonville) says:

    I look foward to snow around x-mas time. After that it can go away. I feel like a prisoner in my own house with the winter we just had. Im not in good health(1/3) of my heart left. So i cant Breath when im out in frezzing temps. So give me anything above 50 to the high 70′s.

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      We need to import San Diego weather to your house Rad , as you just described the weather year around there. If it ever got below 50 people would react as if it was 0 degrees lol. I always thought that was the perfect climate , because I could drive 1.5 hours to the snow , 1 hour to the desert , walk to the beach and basically temps around 72 year around , so basically you drove to your seasons. ( plenty of lakes for boating ) Now I really enjoy all the seasons here in Mi and the weather is really all I miss at times in Ca , and well my friends of course. Btw- Hope your health improves. :)

      1. Rad (Jenison/Hudsonville) says:

        Sounds Good, But i cant afford to live out there, Have friends in Arizona & TN my only Hope to get out of here for 6 months out of the Year. My Health wont improve we just pray it dosnt get worse.:)

  39. Christine-Allegan Woods says:

    I think both are important. Can’t have just one, bad for the physche.

  40. Ruth says:

    Winter, snow, and cold for me! (with some occasional sunshine, please) I love winter! Shoveling is good exercise, then coming indoors to homemade soups and fresh homemade bread. The best! Oh, and let’s not forget relaxing by a nice warm fireplace with the cat snoozed out on your lap. These things just don’t have the same appeal on a hot summer day!

  41. P. E. Farmer says:

    I lived at the equator in West Africa for a couple of years, and I really missed all four of W. Michigan’s seasons!

  42. Jeremy (Three Rivers) says:

    I love the heart of winter when the skiing is at its best. But mid-summer is great because of tubing and swimming, also the fun vacations.

  43. Andy says:

    WINTER, COLD, SNOWWWWWW…ALLLLLLL THE WAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Fall, Early Winter, and Early Spring are my FAVORITE times of the year!!! Especially FALL!!! Fresh apples and EVRYTHING homemade from them, cool days and chilly nights, the BEAUTY of the changing leaves, the air has a cool and crisp smell and feel to it! LOVE IT!!! I LOVE cool rainy days!! My motto is…CLOUDY COOL COMFORTABLE!!!! I LOVE wearing sweaters and hoodies, at night snuggled up in bed with a ton of blankets and the wife! A cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace! You can ALWAYS add on more clothing to get warm…but there is only so much you can take off!! And when its too hot out, its just plain uncomfortable!! I hate when you step out of the shower and dry off and 2 minutes later your a ball of sweat again! COOLER IS BETTER for SURE!!!! That’s why I LOVE living in Michigan!!!! :)

  44. Dikehopper (Fennville) says:

    Based on personal observations, I think that body weight has a lot to do with general preferences of cold versus warm temperatures.

    And probably blood circulation, too, I would expect.

  45. Mike M. says:

    Fall color in full bloom. Saturday morning. 61° with crisp air. Almost no wind but enough to bring a whiff of fire log from…somewhere. Deep blue sky with handful of small clouds skittering by. A high school marching band is practicing off in the distance, getting ready for the game.

  46. Treasure Hunter says:

    All 4 seasons! Each of them brings unique experiences for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors of Michigan. Brought home a big bag of morels 2 weeks ago. Summer brings warmth and opportunities to swim, fish, campfires, and more. Fall brings crispness to the air and hunting. Winter brings ice fishing, snowmobiling, beautiful white blankets and lots of holidays.

    That being said, this past winter hung around a little too long and the wind was relentless. But, you can always dress for the cold!

    The high heat and humidity in the summer can get quite stifling… and, most Michiganders can only take so many clothes off before starting to offend others!

    Great blog Bill! Keep us informed and keep the banter alive! 4th of July is right around the corner!

  47. Lonnie (Grand Haven) says:

    Love all four seasons in this beautiful state,but if I have to choose a favourite,would be cold and SNOW!

  48. linda johnson says:

    warm! last winter, was way too expensive thanks to the governor declaring a propane shortage- 2 propane co.’s I talked to said ‘no shortage of propane! then, wood pellets increased in price but, limit 3 bags! gas at $3.89 was way too expensive to drive anywhere!!!

  49. BrideOfMookie says:

    COLD! Anything over 70-75 is miserable!

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