Warm and Dry Sunday

June 1st, 2014 at 2:01 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

muskegon glerl Moon Crescent Jack Martin  2 pm – 86° in G.R., 83° Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, 56° at Manistique with the south wind coming down the length of Lake Michigan.  The South mid-Lake Michigan buoy shows an air temp. of 47.7° and a water temp. of 37.6°, while the North mid-Lake Michigan buoy shows an air temp. of 42.8° and a water temp. of 35.6°.  The first pic. is from the Muskegon GLERL camera (from NOAA Coastwatch).  Lots of activity on the big lake Saturday.  With light winds the lake was pretty calm.  While G.R. had a high temperature of 88°, the high at the beach was 76.6 and that was at 8 pm.  The South mid-Lake Michigan buoy, 40 miles west of Holland, reported a high temp. of just 53° and a water temp. of 37.4°.  Today we should have a bit more of a breeze and that should eventually get waves to 1-2 feet.  The North mid-Lake Michigan buoy reported a water temp. of 35.6° with a high temp. Saturday of 48.9°.  The picture of Saturday’s crescent moon is from Jack Martin.  Jupiter was above the moon in western sky Saturday night and will be to the right of the moon Sunday night.  Mars is in the southern sky in the early evening, with a yellow-orange tint.  Saturn is in the SE sky in the evening.   Bright Venus shines before sunrise in our eastern sky.  Here’s this week’s Sky at a Glance.  We have the longest hours of daylight during the month of June.  The sun is up now by 6:15 am and sets close to 9:15 pm in the evening.  Here’s a look at flyovers of the Intl. Space Station this week.

The NAM has 0.35″ of rain for Monday/Mon. Night in G.R. and another 3/4″ of rain on Weds.  The GFS plot has 0.81″ from late Sun. night thru Tues. AM., then another 0.21″ from Weds. thru Thurs. night.  It has more rain late Sunday.        Also:  “Houston (IAH) did not reach 90F during the whole month of May. First time since 1970.

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  1. New line of showers formed by Bangor

    1. Red in Allegan Co. says:

      Maybe we’ll get a sprinkle out of it yet Kyle.

  2. Wow look the shower dies out as it comes towards Kent County. Imagine that.

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