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Wisconsin DNR Iceberg 3  Wisconsin DNR Iceberg 2 Wisconsin DNR Iceberg 1  These pictures are from the Wisconsin DNR (taken by Amie Egstad).  They were taken Friday.  June 6th just east of the Apostle Islands.   They were on the backside of the Madeline Island area east towards Saxon Harbor.  This would be NE of Ashland, Wisconsin and northwest of Ironwood, Michigan.   These are some pretty big icebergs in Lake Superior.   You can see the gulls sitting on the berg in the pic. on the right.

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  1. Scott (robinson twsp) says:

    That would be cool floating next to it with a boat. What’s the chances someone made a movie reference? Lol

  2. julio says:

    Bill when will Belmont get any kind of heavy stretch of rain..The grass is brown and the water bills are high..Is this going to be another dry Belmont summer?

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