Wednesday’s Storms

June 18th, 2014 at 3:53 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Storm Lightning Muskegon Airport 6 18 14 Mike Moadole jpg  Storm Shelf Cloud 6 18 14 Marie SteffenStorm Shelf Cloud 6 18 14 Novia Doyle Mosher   Here’s 3 pictures of Thursday’s storms – click on the pics. to enlarge – the first by Mike Madole is lightning at the Muskegon Airport, where they had a daily record3.93″ of rain.   The middle pic. is looking west in rural Allegan Co. at the approaching roll cloud – that’s from my wonderful daughter #2.  The third pic. from Novia Doyle Moser is a good candidate for the Scary Cloud Club.  That low-hanging scud-cloud looks like a funnel.  It isn’t.  A funnel cloud will be visibly rotating.  Thanks to all who sent in pictures and video of the storms.  You can send them to us through ReportIt here at or send them in an email to     Here’s GRR local radar and regional radar.  Rainfall:  Norton Shores 5.00″, Grand Haven 2.8″, Sparta 2.06″, W. Olive 1.78″, Ada 1.63″, East G.R. 1.54″ Rockford 1.43″, Grand Rapids (airport) 1.01″.   We had one report from Grandville of golfball-sized hail, ping-pong ball-sized hail in Byron Center, 1″ diameter hail in Jamestown and New Era, 3/4″ hail in Kentwood, Wyoming and Roosevelt Park, 1/2″ hail in Cascade, Cutlerville and Clarksville.    Here’s storm reports from Wednesday for the U.S. (quite a few in S. Michigan, N. Indiana and N. Ohio).

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  1. SS (Pwell Area) says:

    Sun is peeking out here!!!

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Not a cloud in the sky here either.

  2. Craig (Holland North Sider) says:

    30 minute downpour earlier around 8:30. Very little lightening and thunder. Glad we missed the hail and any winds. The storms can stay away as far as I’m concerned. Don’t need the flooding, wind damage or hail damage.

  3. Steve (N. Moline) says:

    Amazingly at the Kent / Ottawa line at 131 there were only sprinkles all night. The heavy action was just to the north, maybe a mile. Didn’t get a good rain here until the 9 AM storm came through (with the Severe Thunderstorm Warning).

  4. John (Norton Shores) says:

    If that storm holds across the lake, I could see a severe thunderstorm warning being issued from central and southern Muskegon county down to Allegan county.

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      I can to and I think that is the cell that had 2 tornado warned symbols on them and they seem to be intensifying. I have strong faith in the HRRR after last night, day looks to be quite active and interesting. I just let my flock out 2hrs ago so hopefully they will weather these storms without hail like back in April

  5. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Special marine warning from South Haven up to Pentwater

  6. mr. negative says:

    SE GR – I’ll admit to being officially surprised after finding 2 inches of rain in the gauge. Nice chunk of storms. Most thunder was to our North, although a handful of “close strikes” was appreciated.

  7. John (Norton Shores) says:

    That storm is intensifying.

  8. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Look out if you are from central and southern Muskegon county down to Allegan county, that storm is intensifying, severe thunderstorm warning I am sure will be issued in the net hour or so.

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      I am seeing a hook, are you John?

      1. John (Norton Shores) says:

        I am too Swatz, and it is bowing out significantly, there is probably going to be wind damage.

        1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

          I better get my flock situated I have a feeling it’s going to get crazy within the next 2hrs or less. There already is storm damage up here, I just might take my camera to Fisk Knob but than again I’ve driven from there to home during a severe storm under trees and have been missed 3 times with falling limbs, very scary! So I doubt it, safety 1st.

    2. Jeff Northern Ionia County says:

      I am right in the MIDDLE just a little ways inland. Hoping it holds together, that would be the 2nd good storm to roll through today!

  9. Bnoppe says:

    I bet in MD is issued soon watch maybe ?

    1. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

      Probably meso and then sever thunderstorm watch if these make it to the shore which they should

  10. Daniel G says:

    Major line of storms crossing the lake and WOOD TV is showing old Jack Hanna wildlife programs on the WOOD WX Channel. Fascinating!!!
    COME ON!!!

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      I know. Pisses me off. It’s like that every morning until noon

  11. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Man that line is intensifying even more.

  12. John (Norton Shores) says:

    I am guessing an MD anytime now.

  13. Bnoppe says:

    I have some sun now by the time that line gets here should be interesting

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      Agreed, my heart is racing with this one. My FDM is working with this one today. Either my heart is racing with this one or my adrenaline is still pumped from all of last night. But I’m going to have to secure things here shortly, my one kayak blew away from the others about 10ft away and my hammock is blown down. This humidity has really climbed within the last hour, and I’m already hearing thunder in the far distance.

      1. ~Sherry~ (Comstock Park) says:

        This looks like it could be the strongest yet of all the storms so far!

  14. Kalamazooguy says:

    Sun starting to peek out in Kalamazoo. Check out that wrap-around on the storms coming over the lake. Definite intensification. The southern half will also intensify. Anyplace Muskegon and South to the Indiana line….get ready! It is a comin’

    1. Tim (Walker) says:

      What’s ur thoughts on the line becoming a bow economic or derachio?

  15. John (Norton Shores) says:

    WOW that line keeps intensifying, I am getting prepared now, M-46 to the south needs to be on alarm right now.

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      That is what I’m going to go do now as well. I think soon I won’t be able to post because power will go out.

      1. GunLakeDeb says:

        Hoping your flock keeps all their feathers!!

  16. GunLakeDeb says:

    Fortunately, Hubby and son arrived and moved my kayak shipment indoors :-) Don’t need those blowing around, in case the Shredder doesn’t chew this line of storms up….

    1. Swatz_Zoo(Cedar Springs) says:

      I don’ think it’s going to Deb, my one kayak blew about 10-15ft away from my house so I’m going and button down the hatches even more. I just hope my flock can hang on to their tail feathers with this line, I already hear thunder and it’s not even near the shoreline yet

  17. Tim (Spring Lake) says:

    Spent last night from around 3:30 am until 8 this morning enjoying the lightning show. If they are going to issue any watches or warnings for the system over the lake, I would hope they would do it soon, as I HATE it when they issue the warning AFTER it hits landfall. What’s the point, for those of us near the shore, in issuing a warning AFTER we have been annihilated??? (I know, the point is to warn those that have yet to BE annihilated….lol)

    1. Tim (Walker) says:

      Lol I’m Tim too. I agree a watch would be nice.

  18. Nick (grand haven/west olive) says:

    Is there rotation on that right now?

  19. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Thunderstorm watch soon I am sure.

  20. Kalamazooguy says:

    More building ahead of the line and picking up large hail within the storms. This may be it guys!

  21. John (Norton Shores) says:

    MD is out! watch possible.

  22. fixxxer says:

    Im headed to kalamazoo now.

    1. Kalamazooguy says:

      The northern part of the line is strongest fixxxer but they expect the southern half to build (figures it’ll hit up near you when you aren’t there). I’m expecting it to get bad down here but not as soon as north of here. Whereabouts in Kzoo you headed and how long will you be here? Might be able to make it back in time before the nastiness hits!

      1. fixxxer says:

        Stadium drive area.

  23. John (Holland) says:

    That hook west of Muskegon, wow.

  24. John (Norton Shores) says:

    It actually looks like all of Muskegon county will now be hit.

  25. Tim (Walker) says:

    Wow looks like a mini hurricane on radar.

  26. mr. negative says:

    Earlier storms stabilized our area, incoming storms are weakening over the lake. Nothing more than an opportunity to enjoy “garden variety” thunderstorms…so let’s do so, in a garden variety manner -

    1. John (Holland) says:

      Except that the leading line is both intensifying and growing.

    2. Kalamazooguy says:

      Yeah Mr. Negative. While some might enjoy your negativity, said negativity should be followed with a good argument. In this case, it is invalid because said line in question is actually intensifying and not weakening. With storms building ahead as well. I have no clue what radar you are looking at…

  27. steven (Derby Lake) says:

    I’ve got 67 degrees, 66 dew point and 97% humidity.

  28. fixxxer says:

    Nice line.

    1. Bnoppe says:

      ? Might wanna have that checks out

    2. Kalamazooguy says:

      Wash them before power is lost!! Don’t want that smell lingering.

  29. John (Norton Shores) says:

    HRRR also showed this line of storms yesterday, it’s been doing pretty good lately.

  30. fixxxer says:

    Allendales gonna get rocked. Wish i was home.

    1. Kalamazooguy says:

      Yeah. We may still get it here fixxxer. Watch it build south. The lake isn’t stopping these today.

  31. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Warning anytime now for Muskegon county to the south.

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      You can see on radar its trying to push more of a bow into. yikes. It’s coming.

  32. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Getting very dark here.

    1. steven (Derby Lake) says:

      How fast is it moving?

  33. haanstar says:

    new thread

  34. Tim (Walker) says:

    You know a storm is sting when it creates it’s own low pressure system.

  35. Eileen (Hesperia) says:

    Special Weather Statement just issued from the NWS.

  36. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

    Echo tops, Vertically integrated liquid, and lightning have all decreased on the north end hopefully it re intensifies.

  37. Lynne VandeBunte says:

    watering my lawn during this ‘flash flood watch’ which appears to be a miss for Kalamazoo. Zero rain so far.

  38. Alger Dave says:

    Bill, we have just over 1.5″ of rain in the last 24 hours in Byron Center. My ‘official’ rain gauge never lies.

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