Dry – Warming Trend

July 18th, 2014 at 12:38 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

modis lake michigan   This is a MODIS Great Lakes satellite picture from Weds. (from NOAA Coastwatch).  You can see plentiful cumulus clouds over the land areas (with the cool air aloft), but it’s mostly clear over Lake Michigan, where the cool water prevented the rising thermals.  The wind is west along the shore in W. Michigan, N-NW in N. Indiana, NNE or NE in Chicago, but the lake breeze is not penetrating inland north of Milwaukee, where the cumulus clouds drift out over the lake and dissipate.

Also, check out the meteor caught with dashcam video near Raleigh N.C.  Some pretty good thunderstorms rolled across S. England overnight.  Here’s lightning and a shelf cloud approaching LondonTyphoon Rammasun will hit far SE China and N. Vietnam today with very strong winds and heavy rain.   This storm heads inland (does not recurve toward Alaska), so the ridge can build over the Midwest and Great Lakes and we can get warm early next week.  The next tropical storm, Matmo, is a little weaker than Rammasun, and will head toward Taiwan.  Overnight, roads flooded in the Bryan-College Station, TX area. Water rescues also occurring according to law enforcement.  In 45 minutes, 0.78″ of rain accumulated near Mt. Morrison, CA, reports a NWS spotter – California needs all the rain they can get.  Tennis ball-sized hail in Alberta, Canada.

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  1. Dan (Byron Center) says:

    Up and looking to southwest skies to catch a glimpse of space station. I hope I will.be able to see it! I think it’s supposed to happen at approximately 4:36. Looking forward to some GREAT weather! Enjoy the day bloggers! We have a lot to be thankful for…too easy to take life for granted!

  2. Dan (Byron Center) says:

    update…looked and looked but I never saw the space station. I wonder if I was looking in the wrong place? Next time, I will see it! Enjoy the day bloggers!

    1. Jack says:

      Here ya Go Dan ::: Location Lookup Sign up for Alerts! RSS Bookmark Share Print

      The following ISS sightings are possible from Thursday Jul 17, 2014 through Thursday Jul 31, 2014
      Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event
      Thu Jul 17, 5:23 AM 4 min 54° 13 above SW 34 above E  
      Fri Jul 18, 4:36 AM 3 min 31° 26 above S 14 above ENE  
      Sat Jul 19, 3:49 AM 2 min 18° 18 above ESE 10 above E  
      Sat Jul 19, 5:22 AM 4 min 58° 12 above WSW 37 above NNE  
      Sun Jul 20, 4:36 AM 3 min 85° 44 above SW 26 above ENE  
      Mon Jul 21, 3:49 AM 3 min 44° 44 above ESE 10 above ENE  
      Mon Jul 21, 5:22 AM 4 min 30° 11 above W 23 above NNE  
      Tue Jul 22, 3:02 AM < 1 min 13° 13 above E 11 above ENE  
      Tue Jul 22, 4:35 AM 3 min 41° 24 above W 30 above NNE  
      Wed Jul 23, 3:48 AM 2 min 57° 57 above N 21 above NE  
      Wed Jul 23, 5:22 AM 3 min 21° 10 above WNW 19 above N  
      Thu Jul 24, 3:01 AM 1 min 26° 26 above ENE 12 above ENE  
      Thu Jul 24, 4:34 AM 3 min 24° 13 above WNW 21 above NNE  
      Fri Jul 25, 3:47 AM 2 min 31° 30 above NW 24 above NNE  
      Fri Jul 25, 5:22 AM 3 min 18° 10 above NW 17 above NNE  
      Sat Jul 26, 3:00 AM 2 min 31° 31 above NNE 10 above NE  
      Sat Jul 26, 4:34 AM 3 min 19° 10 above NW 18 above N  
      Sun Jul 27, 2:13 AM < 1 min 12° 12 above NE 12 above NE  
      Sun Jul 27, 3:46 AM 2 min 21° 16 above NW 19 above N  
      Sun Jul 27, 5:22 AM 3 min 19° 10 above NW 19 above NNE  
      Mon Jul 28, 2:59 AM 1 min 25° 25 above N 19 above NNE  
      Mon Jul 28, 4:33 AM 3 min 18° 10 above NW 18 above N  
      Tue Jul 29, 2:12 AM < 1 min 16° 16 above NE 11 above NE  
      Tue Jul 29, 3:44 AM 3 min 18° 10 above NW 18 above N  
      Tue Jul 29, 5:22 AM 3 min 26° 11 above NW 26 above NNE  
      Wed Jul 30, 2:57 AM 1 min 19° 18 above NNW 18 above N  
      Wed Jul 30, 4:33 AM 3 min 22° 10 above NW 22 above NNE  
      Thu Jul 31, 2:10 AM 1 min 18° 18 above NNE 11 above NE  
      Thu Jul 31, 3:44 AM 3 min 19° 10 above NW 19 above NNE  
      Thu Jul 31, 5:21 AM 6 min 47° 10 above NW 11 above ESE  

    1. fixxxer says:

      Yeah 82 degrees today is a polar vortex. Your a moron.

      1. Jeff (Richland) says:


        1. DF (EGR) says:


        2. Rocky (Rockford) says:

          He is hopeless! He constantly uses horrible grammar and spelling and calls me a moron! Very interesting concept?

  3. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Another below average day is on tap! INCREDIBLE! Keep em coming right through winter!

  4. Tim (Spring Lake) says:

    Looks like a warm comfortable day out today. I’m wondering how the inland lake temps will feel this weekend with the cooler weather this past week? I’m thinking next weekend the water should feel fantastic after a great HOT stretch next week!!!! Looking forward to it!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      Yes, the GREAT golf weather just keeps coming day after day after day! AMAZING!

  5. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Currently the July temp for GR is way below average! How many below average days in a row have we had? It looks like we can squeeze out two or three more! Bring it!

    1. matt says:

      Currently you mooch off your parents while spam raging on a blog. Get out of the basement and get a summer job. Just the facts stop being so lazy. I love who knew thanks for listening.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Thanks for that brilliant commentary relating to the current weather conditions! INCREDIBLY ignorant! Who knew?

    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Four in a row. And there’s only been four days above average this month. Total flip-flop from June.

      Haven’t heard much from the east side of the state this month. But looking at the forecast for the next few days, I have a feeling he’ll be back.

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Oh yes the global warming fanatic will be back! This has been a great month – typically the hottest month of the year is turning out to be awesome!

        1. matt says:

          Nice polar vortex its going to be muggy. Get out of the basement. Thanks for listening

  6. fixxxer says:

    Still havent seen any dog days of “summer”. Cool mornings to.

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      funny how matt and fixxxer are always posting at the same time! funny how matt and fixxxer and obsessed with my comments! Imagine that!

      1. matt says:

        Kinda funny you mooch off your mom

  7. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Get outside and enjoy this PERFECT summer day people! Have a great day!

    1. Jesse (Zeeland) says:

      Well said, it is going to be a wonderful stretch of weather over the next week and maybe beyond.

  8. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Sure is looking like the start to a beautiful day , and this weather is just perfect. I’m not sure how most would not just love this weather , even the cold and warm fans should be in concert as it’s warm in the day and cooler at night. The low humidity has been a nice treat as well , although it should start to creep in again through the weekend which is fine by me in doses.

  9. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

    A bit cloudy right now, but it looks like we get a taste of summer the next several days with highs near to above average, sunny, and pleasant. I’m not sure if anyone even cares considering the entire blog is full of arguments now, but hopefully you enjoy it while it lasts.

  10. Travis (Oakland County) says:

    Awesome July so far! Lots of sun and perfect temps.

    Hardly a polar vortex. I’m currently -1.9 for July but that looks to be trimmed quickly in the coming week as heat and humidity builds.

    Warm air causing lots of record highs out west coming our way.

    1. fixxxer says:

      The eastside has been warmer than here. Hardly summertime temps travis.

      1. Travis (Oakland County) says:

        Going for my fourth straight above average month… we’ll see if it happens or not. Might be close

        1. michael g (SE GR) says:

          Summer so far in GR (June 1 – July 17), -.6*F

          Dig it.

    2. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      -4.6 here, which is incredible considering I’m less than an hour’s drive to Bishop. I don’t ever remember it being so far from normal this late in the month.

      I am absolutely loving the weather this month.

      1. Brian(Grandville) says:

        Quite a difference compared to 2014, and last year even. I said back in the summer of 2012 that the pattern would change, based on common sense logic, and we could get some cold snowy winters, and cooler summers. These type of patterns don’t just stay in the same part of the world forever. So far so good, on my hypothesis.

        1. Brian(Grandville) says:


  11. The temperature outside right now is absolutely perfect! It is pleasantly warm 77 with still not much in the way of humidity. I have a humidity at 43% right now.

    Canada is not very cool either except from Saskatchewan over towards British Columbia where it is in the 50-65 degree territory. I just checked Barrow, Alaska’s temerature and it is currently 36 degrees there with a chance of snow showers. Yikes! Glad that is not here. I am going to enjoy this weather while it lasts that is for sure. Summer is my favorite season :D

    1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

      Summers are kind of dull weather wise, but they are definitely fun. Cant wait for the fall though.

      1. Dull? Severe weather and thunderstorms are not dull if you ask me.

        1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

          We usually get our severe weather in late spring when the jet stream is at its strongest, so I prefer spring over summer. And winter is definitely my favorite (but people have opinions :) )

  12. Jack says:

    IT’S …………………………………………………………….FRYday !!!! And it’s SUMMERTIME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CUE::: The Jamies – Summertime, Summertime – YouTube
    Crank it BILL, and His Family of BLOOGERS !!! Heeeheeee….stay CUEDDD…… :-)

  13. Jeff (Richland) says:

    Weather is great, just hope we get rain next week, would prefer to not have to do a bunch of watering.

  14. Jack says:

    Only 1 entry on this Date in weather History. From NWS GR. On July 18 in Southwest Lower Michigan…

    Thunderstorms with heavy downpours resulted in flooding of basements and some streets across West Michigan. Happy FRYday….stay CueDDD…… Go TIGERS.!!!!!

    1. matt says:

      Check it out…you spam ragin on the blogs as usual. You have no money because on your summer vacation you been playin in the basement moochin mom’s money. This weekend and next week will be cracking the heat out. Go get a job. Who knew. Thanks for listening

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        Your illness and delusion is worse than I realized! You truly are beyond hope! Thanks for listening!ROCK n ROLL is King!

        1. matt says:

          Rock is dead, and you got no job, and the weather will be cranking the heat next week. Get used to it or move. Just the facts, thanks for listening.

  15. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

    Looks like our lawns will need to wait until late Tuesday for some of Mother Nature’s nourishment ( exception being south – east lower Mi / Sat – slight poss. showers according NWS ) and it looks like the environment might support heavy rainfall / thunder for some. Some suggestion of PW values reaching the 1.75 – 2.00 ” range in conjunction with dew points in the 70′s , as we have seen this before this year and often leads to 1″ + hr rainfall rates. Still a ways off at this point….

    1. DarrenSVRstm ( Cedar S ) says:

      * jeez..I should proof my comments – my bad.

  16. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Another July day with a high temp in the 70′s! AMAZING! Simply perfect weather! I love it!

    1. matt says:

      I love it next week temps will hot and humid, and you still will have no summer job.

  17. Barry in Zeeland says:

    Looking hazy and feeling a bit more muggy out now. The sky is no longer a bright blue, but rather a milky haze. Not looking forward to working all day Saturday in this gross air again. We hit 90 three times here in June, looks like more on the way.

    1. TomKap (Michigan & Fuller - GR) says:

      The haze is from the smoke of wildfires in Canada.

      1. Where are these fires at anyways? Last I knew this was going on in Alberta. That is a long way for smoke to travel that is for sure!

  18. Sounds like the thunderstorms next week will bring some heavy downpours once again. Precipitable Water values are supposed to be 1.75-2.00″ combined with Dew Points near 70. We really no not need rain across the area as I am above average already for the month. I stand at 4.27″ of rain for the month with average being 3.78″.

    The positive we can take out of getting this heavy rain is it will knock down the humidity afterwards and give us some more comfortable air.

    1. Nathan (Forest Hills) says:

      Definitely better than 2012 when I was watering the grass non-stop and it was still dying.

      1. Well there is no denying that obviously. Thankfully I spent the summer of 2012 in the Upper Peninsula where it was 70 to low 80′s in the daytime and the upper 50′s at night. On the Lake Superior shore it was in the 60′s. Far cry from the upper 90′s and 100′s down here.

      2. Barb says:

        We all in the U.S. need to look at an alternative to lawns, which is the U.S.’s largest “crop.” California and the southwest especially need to look at alternatives. As I mentioned, I’m turning most of my lawn into native plants. They look more colorful than boring lawns, and don’t take as much water or chemicals.

  19. Speaking of the Summer of 2012, I will show how it was up north. While up north it was somewhat dry, we did have nights of rain and days of cloudy skies. The days were pleasant and the nights were cool. We spent many days in the 60′s on the Superior shore near Munising. We did make a trip down to Grand Rapids during the heat wave and the hot sticky humid air never really was noticable until you got to Mancelona and Kalkaska. Some of our family members lost nice big trees due to the lack of rain

    1. We were in the area of the Duck Lake fire as well. We would take long hikes in the woods and we even heard some wolves as night. There had been bears in the area as well as some of the locals were saying, but we never managed to see one

      While up there I do remember a line of thunderstorms rolling through at night. Thankfully not much damage at all.

  20. Barb says:

    I’m back in the north country again to escape the heat and enjoy the lake. It definitely has rained up here since I went home to GR last week.

  21. Jack says:

    OFF TOPIC,,, RIP in PEACE……JOHHNY WINTER :-( . And :-( . CUE : Johnny Winter – Be Careful With A Fool – YouTube
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tyg5SJDpiQ. Stay CUEDD…. :-(

  22. Jack says:

    BEAUTIFUL PIC. here, From The Earth and Sky Photo LINK !!! Check it Out ::: http://1hdwallpapers.com/wallpapers/sky_earth.jpg. Be Nice on a Large Wall….. Stay CUEDD…… ;-)

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