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July 26th, 2014 at 3:58 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

muskegon glerl  Radar here will update automatically.  10 AM – As I write this, just a few scattered light showers.  Most of the fog has evaporated…there is still some fog at and over Lake Michigan.  We should see showers and scattered t-storms developing.  Any of the storms could contain gusty winds and hail.  The Storm Prediction Center has expanded the Sight Risk Area to cover much of Lower Michigan (see thread below).  The threat for any severe storms would be greater as you travel southeast toward and into Ohio.  The most likely time for severe weather, if it develops, would be between 1 pm and 6 pm.  Monday and Tuesday look basically dry and cool with daytime temps. about 10 degrees cooler than average.  Then there may be a few scattered showers Weds. and Thurs., but they would be widely scattered.   Here’s simulated radar, and regional radar.  Check out the links below:

Here’s GRR looping radar. Links: Grand Rapids radar, Northern Indiana radar, Chicago radar, Detroit radar and Milwaukee radar. Here’s regional radar, the College of DuPage Radar Map (pick any radar in the U.S.), College of DuPage Grand Rapids radar, the West Michigan Lightning Tracker, National Lightning Tracker, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Check out Storm Total Precipitation (until they reset it). Here’s the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. Check out the Maranatha Webcam at Lake Michigan and links to webcams. Here’s the infrared satellite loop (night) and the visible satellite loop (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures (summer). Here’s recent storm reports from SW Michigan, Northern Michigan, NE Illinois, SE. Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and E. Michigan. Check out the wind and wave height at the South Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the North Mid-Lake Michigan Buoy (Apr. to Nov. only), the buoy at Big Sable Point near Ludington and the weather station on the beach at St. Joseph. Here’s Michigan wind gusts from MesoWest, data from the MAWN agricultural weather stations and Weather Underground (data at the bottom from private weather stations). Check out the webcam at Krupp’s Resort in the U.P. Here’s the U.S. Low Temperature map. Here’s a live look at the Houghton Bridge. Here’s the Consumers Energy Power Outage Map. Here’s Closings.

Also:  20.25″ of rain from June 1-July 25 in Sioux City, IA, is most for this period of time, exceeding 13.24″ in 1972 by a lot…Flash flooding reported in downtown Kingman, AZ…Stanley, ID, broke its July 25 low temp record with 25 F…duststorm moving into Phoenixduststorms in Arizona are often caused by strong winds that push out of t-storms.   Here’s the t-storm that produced the strong wind in Phoenix.  There are 10,000 customers without power in Arizona from the strong winds.  Near zero visibility was reported along Interstate 8.   Double rainbow in Denver.   Flash flooding in Zion N.P in Utah causes new waterfall to appear.  Downtown San Francisco hits 85ºF Friday, breaking the previous record of 82º

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  1. I’ll monitor radar. Me and my family are going hiking in eastern Barry County on a nature trail through the woods for a few miles. Ill e on the edge of the meso discussion so ill watch radar.

  2. Will the storms on the lake impact west mi? Severe warning north of milwaukee

  3. John says:

    Severe thunderstorm warning on the other side of the lake, not even in the 5%. I’m curious to see what will happen w/ this meso discussion.

  4. Big hail core over Sheboygan

    1. Vincent(N.E.Kent CO) says:

      Hail core.

  5. John (Norton Shores) says:

    New cell beginning to form offshore of Muskegon, I see very high top clouds.

    1. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

      Hmmm nothing on radar are you seeing the storm on the other side of the lake?

      1. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

        Never mind it is showing up now. Hopefully it gets big.

        1. John (Norton Shores) says:

          It’s getting bigger on each radar run, looks like it will take a slice between Whitehall and North Muskegon.

  6. Rad (Jenison/Hudsonville) says:

    Painting my kitchen walls, So humid the paint is not drying very well, I am also sweating to death,No A/C in that room ;{

  7. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Storms popping over the lake, up to 80* here with some sun. Things could get interesting this afternoon.

  8. Hey guys…random question I was hoping you might be able to answer. I know Lake MI comes into play a lot with surface based storms since the lake water is cooler. So, when does temperature not come into play? I guess what I’m asking is now that we are so far into summer, wouldn’t the lake temps not be a factor? I can understand early on when the water is still freezing. Just curious :)

    1. michael g (SE GR) says:

      The warmer the lake gets, the less influence it has, but as long as it’s cooler than the surrounding land, it is still a negative factor.

  9. Should be interesting where they issue a watch. So far the warning have been outside the slight risk area

    1. I’d go with a watch for all of our area if it was me

  10. Cliff(KZOO) says:

    watch issued

    1. Cliff(KZOO) says:

      storms firing over lake by Chicago, we need the rain but im fine with it getting severe when its past me.

      1. tinainvbcounty says:

        Me too!

  11. dereks says:

    Severe thunderstorm watch pretty much everybody east of 131.

  12. Mike(Shepherd, Mi) says:

    Severe thunderstorm watch issued. Nearly the entire state of Mi.

  13. tinainvbcounty says:

    We’ve been getting a fair amount of sun since about 10:30 this morning or so. Hoping everything goes around us, tho! Looking forward to the cold front if it equals less humidity!!

  14. Steven(Cadillac) says:

    Tornado warnings are back up for otsego antrim and crawford counties

  15. John (Norton Shores) says:

    Very surprised they didn’t include Muskegon county.

  16. I’m in a watch!! But I am out hiking in Eastern Barry Court. Not good

      1. michael g (SE GR) says:

        Well, hike back to the car. Problem solved.

  17. John (Norton Shores) says:

    That cell over the mid lake is heading directly for me, and is not losing it’s intensity at all.

  18. Steven(Cadillac) says:

    Gonna be storming here soon. Northern paa of Wexford county is underma t-storm warning

  19. Brian (Grandville) says:

    Looks like some strong rotation in the warning.

  20. Steven(Cadillac) says:

    Starting to get dark here. Definitely more tot he north

  21. tinainvbcounty says:

    I’m watching the backside of the storm going through kzoo and Barry county. I WAS right at the breakline to my north through Allegan. Very creepy storm in there. Sun is peeking again here. Black skies to my northeast and east!

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