Quick Vacation Update

August 24th, 2014 at 1:11 am by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Bill Marie Vacation Kayaks Curtis MI   Another beautiful day here…partly sunny, mid 70s.  After breakfast, Marie and I took these kayaks on about a 4-mile trek.  We stopped at an island on the lake where a sign said “Visitors welcome”.  There were two extremely rustic cabin, an outhouse and a sign indicating that an Indian Chief and his family were buried on the island.  We took the kayaks down the Portage toward South Manistique Lake, but a fallen tree blocked our route.  On the way back to Big Manistique Lake, we surprised several deer.  We headed into Curtis to look around and do a little shopping.   We keep running into people from G.R.  I talked to Bill and Mary Romence (Romence Gardens) in one of the gift shops.   Then out to a boat launch to eat a little snack.  I helped a fisherman get his boat up on his trailer.  He had caught about 15 nice panfish.  There were only a very few boats out on the lake, which surprised me for an August Saturday.  We came back to the Inn for dinner, then another kayak ride, this time going west.  I came as close as I had ever come to a great blue heron.  The lake was nearly calm and the sky a mixture of scattered cirrus, altostratus and lower cumulus clouds.  A glimmer of twilight was still visible an hour after sunset.   Marie and I played a little badminton and cornhole, then joined several others at the evening campfire.   Despite the scattered clouds, many stars were visible.  Most prominent was the Big Dipper.  Without a lot of man-made light, the Little Dipper was also clear.  We had a little dessert and are now ready to head home Sunday.

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  1. Jack says:

    FIRST, Thank – You BILL !!! For taking Us ALL Along on Your Vacation. You Truly Have a GOD GIVEN GIFT in Writing These Updates . Simply Put, I Feel Like I Was definitely With YOU and You Daughter on Your Trip. Thanks Again My Friend. And God Bless U, with A Safe Trip….HOME!! :-)

  2. Alger Dave says:

    Bill, if you want to get close to a blue heron, go down to Southern Florida. When I fish with my brother-in-law down there on Pine Island, the blue heron’s come right up to you! They are totally habituated to ‘confront’ fisherman (on the shore) whenever they see you catch a fish. They get so close, it’s quite uncomfortable – a bird with a beak that large 5-10 feet away is disturbing. Pine Island also has a resident group of peacocks, and many bald eagles – many of whom nest right in neighborhoods. It’s a strange paradise.

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