Average Temperatures start to drop

September 2nd, 2014 at 9:07 pm by under Bill's Blog, Weather

Average Temperature August to December from DTW NWS   Click on the graph (from NWS-NOAA) to enlarge.  The graph shows average temperature in Southern Michigan.  The average high temperature for G.R. has already dropped 5° – from 83° in mid-July to 78° on Sept. 1-3.  The fall starts downward at a faster rate from here on.  The average high temperature in G.R. is down to 73° by Sept. 16 and reaches 67° by the end of the month.  by Oct. 15th, we’re down to 61° and on Halloween, it’s 55°.  We reach 40° by the end of November.  As of today (9/2) we have lost 2 hours and 14 minutes of daylight and we’ll lose another 81 minutes of daylight by the end of the month.  Average temperatures lag the position of the sun by about one month.  So, even though we’ve already lost a lot of daylight, average temperatures haven’t fallen very much.  I will be tracking the amount of snow cover that accumulates over N. Canada and Asia.  If snow cover is more extensive than average (which was the case last fall), that is often a sign of a colder and/or snowier winter in the Great Lakes.  If you’ve got a bucket list of things you wanted to do over the summer, the clock is ticking.  We’ve still got some warm, summer days ahead, but fall is going to be knocking on the door before too long.

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  1. Brian(Grandville) says:

    I see there are already blizzard warnings up for parts of Alaska. Fixxxer ought to appreciate our weather here a little more now. But probably not.

  2. michael g (SE GR) says:

    Joe Bastardi is pointing out all of the warm water off the west coast of the US and up to Alaska. Just like last year, this favors a ridge to our west and a trough in the eastern US. Bring it!

    1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

      +100 TRILLION!

  3. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    Keep the facts rolling Bill! I love it! Cool rules! The temperature trend is looking GREAT! Face the facts people! Summer is almost over and winter is just around the corner!


    1. matt says:

      Face the facts youre a moocher

  4. Jack says:

    DARN it BILL, it’s all Down Hill …From HERE!!!! Reminds Me of This Old Don Henley TUNE :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtxlvQqvDQs. ENJOY BILL !!! Stay CueDDD ……….. ;-)

  5. Rocky (Rockford) says:

    We are having the BEST YEAR OF WEATHER EVER! Mark it down!

  6. Barb says:

    I’m enjoying the relatively mild weather for finishing up reglazing my old wooden windows, painting them and touching up the old aluminum siding and shutters before winter.

    1. matt says:

      You are cause your mommy and daddy allow you to sit in the basement for hours on end while they work. Just the facts

  7. Jerry Hoag says:

    Well I Pray/Wish/Hope/Would Like………..Winter to hold off til after I leave the State of Michigan!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks to you Mother Nature!!!!!! Seeing you can’t give me any Severe Weather. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will see some Severe Weather when I get to where I am going………PEACE OUT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bryan says:

      Depending how the front falls on Thursday, there could be some juicy storms to watch for.

  8. April says:

    Dude… my pellet stove quit last year in the middle of February and I don’t have a back up. Got by with space heaters and a 2000 dollar electronic bill. I was counting on you, El nino, and you’ve let me down.

  9. Jack says:

    Just One ENTRY ( for September 3rd) From NWS GR : On September 3 in Southwest Lower Michigan…

    There was an early taste of autumn as Grand Rapids falls to 32 degrees for their earliest freeze on record. BRRRRRR!!! Stay CUEDD

  10. Jack says:

    GOOD Morning Bill, Here is Some LOU REED for U . A Tune entitled …” September Song ” !! CUE & ENJOY -::-:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHVqWRxpqXk. Happy WED. stay CUEDDD……. ;-)

  11. Mary says:

    That is depressing! However, could be in Barrow this morning. Check out the webcam…..http://seaice.alaska.edu/gi/observatories/barrow_webcam

  12. INDY says:

    Wow after a cool summer get ready for a cold winter!!! INDYY!!

    1. Mark (East Lansing) says:

      Hoping not as long and cold as last year.

    2. Irish coffee says:

      Hoping for only SLIGHTLY COLDER and WAY more snow this winter, stay cued & thanx for listening moochers;)

      1. Rocky (Rockford) says:

        +1000 GAZILLION!

      2. Matt ( Spring Lake) says:

        Last year was cold enough…but there’s never too much snow! :) :P

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