Thick Ice Remains in Hudson Bay

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North American Snow Cover  Hudson Bay Ice July 20 2015Hudson Bay Ice July 17 2015 On the left, we have a current (7/24) map showing the ice that still covers roughly a large portion of Hudson Bay. The CCGS Amundsen  was scheduled to be on a scientific expedition to study “climate change” (formerly known as “global warming”) right now.  However, the ship had to be diverted to plow through the thick ice that remains on Hudson Bay. The ice has prevented needed supplies from reaching the Quebec side of Hudson Bay. “  Johnny Leclair, assistant commissioner for the Canadian Coast Guard, said Tuesday.  Conditions in the area are the worst he’s seen in 20 years.   “Ships can usually count on Arctic waters being free of most ice during the month of July. But after a particularly long, cold winter, the ice hasn’t melted as quickly as it normally does and shipping companies have had to shuffle delivery schedules as a result.”  Here’s Hudson Bay Ice Charts from Environment Canada.  Looks like this is the most ice left on the Bay this late in the season since 1992 and third highest in the last 35 years.   Pictured here (center and left) is the Pierre Radisson, which was pictured cutting through the ice on the way to Iqaluit on July 17th.   Another pic. here.

Great Lakes Water Levels and News

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S. Haven buoy camera calm 7 23 15  chicago glerl Thunder Bay Island Sunrise The pic. on the left is a screen grab from the S. Haven buoy camera around 9 pm Thursday, plus 6 am (local time) pics. from the GLERL cameras at Chicago and Thunder Bay (MI).  Click to enlarge.  At 8 pm we saw a man in a kayak paddling around the buoy, which is nearly 3 miles out in the lake.  The air and water temp. at this buoy Thurs. evening were both 68.  Water temps. have come up with the sunshine and light wind (Thursday’s water temps.:  65 Ludington and Grand Haven, 66 Holland, 67 Saugatuck, 68 Muskegon, 69 Mears and 70 S. Haven).

All of the Great Lakes have water levels well above average.  The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron is unchanged in the last month.  The level is 11″ higher than one year ago and stands at 7″ above the long-term average.  The level of Lake Superior is up 2″ in the last month and is now one inch higher than July 2014.  Superior is now 8″ higher than the July average level.  Lake Erie is up a substantial 6″ in the last month.  Erie is also 14″ higher than it was one year ago and 17″ above the century average!  If Lake Erie would stay that high, there would be a concern for flooding from high wind events in the fall and winter.   Lake Ontario is up 3″ in the last month, up 6″ in the last year and is now 8″ above the century average.  Lake St. Clair is up 4″ in the last month, up 11″ year-to-year and now 15″ above the long-term July average.  The flow on all the rivers that connect the Great Lakes (St. Mary’s, St. Clair, Detroit and Niagara) will continue to see above average flow.

Most rivers in Lower Michigan have above average flow.  As of 12:30 am Fri., here’s some streamflows in cubic feet per second with the median flow in (  ):  Grand River at Grand Rapids  3810 cfs (1640), St. Joseph River at Niles  6450 cfs (2170), Kalamazoo River at New Richmond  2770 cfs (1680).

Also:  116-year-old shipwreck discovered in Lake MichiganNot many creatures can say that they’ve survived being chewed up and excreted, butLake Macatawa traps findSwimmer makes it across Lake Erie for charityhigh water levels eating away at Lake Michigan shoreLighthouse for saleNew bridge to be built over the St. Mary’s RiverBoatnerd.

Warm Air Ahead

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Circumhorizontal Arc - Newaygo County 7 22 15   Here’sSunset Port Sheldon Buoy Camera 7 22 15 a pic. (on the right) from the Port Sheldon buoy camera from 9 pm Weds. evening.  You can see the waves were 3/10 foot or about 4″.  You can see some high clouds to the west and the sun setting into a layer of mid-level clouds on the horizon.  The surface water temp. is up to 67.  When the wind is light, the sun can warm the water at the surface.  When it gets windy, the wind can mix the surface water with colder water from below the surface and the temperature cools.  Relatively rapid and significant cooling can occur when the wind goes offshore, blowing from the northeast or east.  A signficant easterly wind will push the warmer surface water toward the Wisconsin shore, allowing colder water to rise to the surface.  That process is called upwelling.  Here’s an example from  Lake Michigan last year.

The picture on the left from Dick Cooley is a circumhorizontal arc.  It was taken yesterday in Newaygo County and it caused by the sunlight passing thru the ice crystals of cirrus clouds.  This far north a circumhorizontl arc is only seen when the sun is high in the sky during the late spring and summer.  The sun has to be at the right angle, the crystals have to be the right size and shape and the right thickness.  It’s not real common to see one.  At the wikepedia link on circumhorizontal arcs, one of the best pics. is from Ravenna, Michigan.

The last four days have brought us 84% of possible sunshine.   Grand Rapids is still averaging 3.8 deg. cooler than average for July.   A warm-up (plan that trip to the beach, pool or water park) is on the way for early next week, bug the trend will likely be back to a little cooler than August starting around later next week (at the link the warm early is balanced by cool late, giving Michigan overall near average temps. for the period.  The Climate Prediction Center has SW Michigan in a slightly higher than average of a little cooler than normal temps. for August thru October (90-day outlook here).  The GFXS give G.R. just a 28% chance of a t-shower on Sat. and it gives G.R. highs starting Sunday of 90, 89, 87, 88 with a better chance of a t-shower long about next Tues./Weds.

A little more rain out west:  1.02″ Orovada NV, 0.26″ Lodgepole, 0.19″ Hawthorne NV, 0.17″ Eureka NV, 0.13″ Elko NV, 0.12 Yosemite N.P., 0.11″ Reno NV,  0.10″ Alturas CA, 0.02″ S. Lake Tahoe, trace at Los Angeles.  Oklahoma City is up to 7.22″ of rain for July and 41.65″ for the year so far…that’s 20.84″ above average!!

Weds. PM

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Chickory across from 3784  Click on the pic. to enlarge.  This is the roadside right across from my house…a ribbon of blue and white with the blooming chickory and Queen Anne’s lace.  There’s also white and purple clover and a couple of random sunflowers that probably came from my yard one way or another.  Several robins are poking thru the grass I cut yesterday.  I have several bird feeders that are frequented by a variety of birds, chipmunks, a couple of squirrels.  There are always birds there and right now there are at least 20 – including a cardinal, a red wing blackbird, sparrows and a couple of mourning doves.   When I fill the feeders, there is one chickadee that is not cautious of me.  It’ll let me get to within about 3 feet before it retreats to a nearby tree.

I was up early (the middle of my night) for a dr. apt.   After that, Gayle and I went to see the new Japanese Garden at the Meijer Botanical Gardens.  Lots of people there.  We are members, so we don’t feel guilty about staying for an hour or two and then heading on our way.  I always start looking at weather at home, before I get to work.  I have a nice 3 season porch with lots of windows…or I move outside to the picnic table (love WIFI).

9:25pm -  There are a couple sprinkles trying to make it across Lake Michigan.  Three weather stations in Wisconsin had had a trace of rain (Manitowoc, Green Bay and Wausau), but no measurable rain.  It’s not impossible there could be a sprinkle in Oceana Co.   We have had some cirrus clouds passing overhead, but a fine day.

It was cool this AM – down to 56 in G.R. and Kalamazoo.  Some cool spots:  47 Cadillac, 46 Manistee, 45 Baldwin, 43 Pellston and Roscommon, 42 Leota (Clare Co.), 41 Champion (U.P.), 39 Stonington and Baraga Plains and 37 at Spincich Lake.   Water temps. this AM at Lake MI:  59 Grand Haven, 62 Muskegon, 64 Saugatuck, 65 Holland, 68 S. Haven.  Lake Michigan has been cooler the past two years.  Another cool record today…We eclipsed the latest date in the year that GRR has not exceeded 86 degrees. It previously was July 21, 1960.

Also:  Possible Tropical Storm next week brushing the East Coast (next storm will be called “Danny”)…large tree pretty much demolishes house in Winfield ALTyphoon Halola to move thru Japan (link fixed).   Medicine Lodge, KS, broke its July 21 rain record with 4.37″; old record: 3.83″, 1925.  Only 2mm of rain in Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday, but the first measurable rainfall since March.

Still some rain in NV – CA

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Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Reno, NV radar and current weather warnings We still have some showers and t-showers in CA and NV. this Tues. evening.   Debris flow up to 4 feet thick has closed US 395.  This is north of Reno.  Small hail fell at Squaw Valley CA and 1.2″ of rain was reported near the Prosser Creek Reservoir.  A gust to 64 mph was recorded in Lassen Co. CA.  The California Highway Patrol reported hail 3″ deep on Interstate 80 at Donner Summit.   Nickel-sized hail fell at the Lake Davis dam.    Here’s a hail pic. – slick driving!    0.68″ at Yosemite N.P.,  0.54″ rain at Manhattan NV and Oakhurst CA. 0.15″ Altures CA, 0.07″ South Lake Tahoe, 0.01″ San Diego.  More rainfall totals.   California officials: Interstate 10 will reopen at noon Friday with 1 lane in each direction.

Also:  Key West sunsetFire started by lightning in NW FloridaRain shaft looks like super-sized tornado.     Comparison of 1997 and 2015 El Ninos – the difference is that the water is warmer off the West Coast of the U.S. and Canada – which could hold the ridge and cause a trough to form toward the Great Lakes this winter.  A super-warm winter in the Great Lakes from El Nino is not automatic this year.  Two occupied police vehicles struck by lightning today in New JerseyTough ice conditions in the Arctic – more ice than 3 years ago.  Glacier Bay, Alaska today.  From Ryan Snoddon:   From hottest July on record in St. John’s in 2014 to coldest in 2015? We could be close.  July ACE Index since 1970 — using today’s MTD numbers, 2015 in 13th place — even with strong El Nino.  ”We haven’t seen these ice conditions in the eastern part of Hudson Bay this late in the season in, I’d say, two decades,” Leclair said.   Yesterday AM saw a record warm low of 81F @ Philadelphia, PA while it was a record cool low of 69F @ Death Valley, CA… Yes, Death Valley!  Sunset – British Virgin Islands.   1.52″ of rain in 1 hr at Washington, OK.  Sunset, Flathead Lake, MT.   The rain San Diego had this past weekend (1.69″) was more than the previous 101 Julys combined (1.67″).

Tues. PM – Sunshine

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muskegon glerlchicago glerl alpena glerl These are pics. taken at noon from the GLERL cameras at Muskegon, Chicago and Alpena. Sunshine and pleasant temperatures across much of the Great Lakes today. Air temps. at noon: 76° Grand Rapids and Ionia, 75° Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, 71° at the airports at Ludington, Muskegon, S. Haven and Benton Harbor. It’s cool at the lakeshore…Muskegon Beach (Noon) 64.8°, S. Haven Lighthouse 66.9°. Water temps. this morning: 68° S. Haven and Mears, 64° Orchard Beach, 63° Saugatuck and Holland, 62° Hoffmaster S.P. and Ludington, 60° Muskegon and Duck Lake and 59° at Grand Haven.  The water temp. of Reeds Lake in East G.R. is 78° at noon.   Here’s a live pic. of Silver Lake in Oceana Co.   679 days & counting since last 90° temp. 323 days since receiving temp warmer than 86° degrees.   Latest run of European model gives GRR a whopping .01″ of rain thru next Thursday (240 hrs). GRR is -.19″ for July w/ growing deficit.

Also:  Tornado near Venice, Italy on July 8 has been rated EF4!  The chill this week may finally tip much of the United Kingdom into ‘Below Normal’ Territory For July erasing a warm start!    Wintry Cairngorm Summit forecast…just days ago it saw a gust to 91 mph, where the temp. is 0°C.  Highest wind speed for UK in July since at least 1996.

Mostly Sunny, Pleasant Midweek

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ionia-free-fair   We’ve got partly to mostly sunny skies, pleasant and dry weather for the midweek.  The next real chance of rain (and it’s only a chance) will be Fri. night/Sat., as we begin an overall dry weather pattern.  I put up a pic. of the Ionia Free Fair – one of the many activities and events going on now.  The Free Fair (pay to park, but admission is free) is 100 years old – tonight they have motocross and Ionia Idol (that’s free).   Maranda’s going to have another fantastic day for her Park Party in Muskegon.  Last week we had a record attendance at the Park Party in Holland.

Also:  Typhoon Halola heading toward southern Japan…1.25 million acres have been scorched by currently active wildfires in Alaska…High-water rescues occurred in Amarillo, TX after 2.19″ of rain in an hour…map showing where the bridge collapse on I-10 (from flooding) occurred in CAwaterspouts off Floridasnow in the mts. of SE Australiatime to head to the dugoutlightning in AtlantaHoly Mackerel (and the guy can play guitar, too!)…2-day rainfall in S. CA

Monday PM

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muskegon glerl   muskegon glerl 2  Here’s a couple pics. from the Muskegon GLERL camera this morning…showing the Lake Express Ferry leaving for Milwaukee on the left and a much bigger ship coming down the channel into Muskegon Lake on the right.  Here’s regional radar showing showers heading our way from Wisconsin.   The satellite loop shows we’ll be mostly cloudy for much of the afternoon/evening.  At noon, we’ve reached 80 deg. in G.R. – everyone else in the mid-upper 70s.  Beach air temps:  65.8 Muskegon, 68.7 S. Haven.   Water temps this AM:  Grand Haven 57, Duck Lake 58, Muskegon 60, Hoffmaster 61, Saugatuck 62.   Beach Hazards Statement for Oceana County north this afternoon/evening.

Also -  First man on the moon – 46 years ago today!  We watched from Dennis Saphir’s backyard.  We hauled the TV outside so we could look up at the moon.     Severe storm approaching Tribune KSfull earth pic. from this morning (from one million miles away!)…San Diego has received 5667% of normal rainfall for July after receiving 1.70 inches over the weekend!  I’ve been here, hiked to the Tea House with daughter #1 when she was a little kid, couldn’t believe she could walk that far (about 9 miles on our round trip, with lots of up and down).  Arctic ice free by 2015?…we’re a week and a half from August and Hudson Bay is still 50% ice coveredPeer-reviewed paper says drought decreasing over the last century, not increasing…record of Arctic sea ice extent over the last 4 years (it’s increasing).  Global sea ice extent near average since 2012.   Sunshine this morning on Cinderella’s castle at Disneyworld and at Cinderella’s castle in Bavaria!   Roads washed out in California…including the I-10 bridge at the CA/AZ border.

Record Rains in the Desert SW

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Pacific Southwest sector loop  Record July rainfall in the Desert Southwest courtesy of the moisture from Hurricane Delores, warmer than average water temps. offshore and the El Nino. Live radar here. 24-hour rainfall totals as of Sunday evening: 2.79″ Prescott AZ, 2.35 Pinyon Pines, 2.08″ Paso Robles CA, 1.22″ Morro Bay CA, 1.01″ Ramona CA, 0.96″ Riverside CA, 0.77″ Flagstaff AZ, 0.46″ San Diego CA, 0.39″ Fresno CA, 0.18″ Phoenix AZ, 0.13″ L.A. Downtown, 0.08″ Palm Springs CA.   The rain resulted in the first rain delay at an Angels game in Anaheim since 4/24/2011…game postponed – first game postponed in L.A. in 20 years!  Game at San Diego also delayed by rain.  Significant flooding.  More dramatic flood pictures.  Heavy rainfall flooded all lanes of traffic on California’s Interstate 5 and eastbound Interstate 210.   Satellite loop of the storm system.

Also, record cold and snow in AustraliaSlo-mo lightningTwin lightning strokesIce lingers at South Baffin Is. – Northern CanadaLate season ice at Iqaluit,  Canada.   Rare summer snow in Hawaii.   Severe t-storm moves into Warsaw, Poland.  Boston had their first 90-degree day of the year on Sunday.  New York City reached 93 – warmer than any day last year.  Great pic. of the Milky Way near Mt. St. Helens WA.  Heavy t-storm on Lake Havasu City AZ.   Beautiful white tornado near Lake Winnipeg, Canada.  Cloud-ground lightning over L.A.

A Little Less Humid

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Damage kent City Brandon Lacic 7 18 15   Damage kalamazoo Westnedge 2 Kevin Ferrara Storm Port Sheldon 7 18 15  Click on the pics. to enlarge.  The first pic. is a tree down across a road in Kent City, where winds gusted to 55 mph.  The second pic. is a tree down on a house in Kalamazoo.  The third pic. is the awesome shelf cloud coming over the Port Sheldon Power Facility.  (credit Brandon Lacic, Kevin Ferrara and Lindsey Lehman at ReportIt)  Also see Tim Mielke’s pic. of a waterspout over Lake Michigan just west of Glenn (Allegan Co.).  More great viewer pics. here.   Here’s U.S. storm reports for Saturday.  There were 3 tornadoes close to the Wisconsin/Illinois Co. line – which is one reason the watch for Michigan was issued as a Tornado Watch instead of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch.  A 72 mph gust was recorded near the (pink) Edgewater Hotel on the north side of Chicago.  You can also see a few severe weather reports from NV, AZ and CA.   A house fire was started by lightning near Cedar Springs.  The house was a total loss. New kitten who replaced cat that was just put down died in fire. Homeowner has severe MS.  A go-fund me account has been set up to help the victim.   Here’s video of lightning in Gowen from Charles Russell.  Nice pic. of downtown Grand Rapids in twilight last nightSunset after the storm in LansingStorm and rainbow east of G.RQuick video of shelf cloud near Saugatuck.

High of 86 in G.R. Saturday – not 90, but still the warmest day of 2015 so far.  Looks like July 1-18 is 4.2 deg. cooler than avg.  The coming week is on average, the warmest week of summer.  This should be a nice week…lots of warm, but not super hot days.  Chance of a t-shower late Monday/Monday night – then Friday evening into Saturday, but even then t-showers will be scattered.  Lots of great outdoor weather this week.  The overnight run of the GFS model gives G.R. low 90s next weekend.  The European model gives G.R. nothing warmer than 88.   Enjoy mid-summer.

Here’s a pic. of the cresent moon and Venus taken Saturday night.  Wow!   Downtown Los Angeles received 0.30″ of rain today, breaking the record for all-time wettest day in JulyMore rainfall reports:  1.03″ San Diego!  That was also a record for the wettest July day ever!  0.56″ Riverside, 0.25″ at Palm Springs out in the desert!   Bullhead City AZ had an astounding 1.93″ of rain and look at this – rainfall totals in AZ – half a dozen over 3″ – one at 4.53″ in 24-hours.  This is moisture pushed north from Hurricane Delores.  Pic. of lightning fire and heavy rain in L.A.   Here’s lightning at the Coronado in San Diego Sat.   More lightning in San DiegoLightning in Hollywood CA.   Anyone ever see a salmon-colored shelf cloud?   Waterspout on Lake Winnipeg, Canada.  No 100 in Dallas so far this year…first time that hasn’t happened since 2007.

I’ll be off the blog until sometime Sun. evening.  After church, heading to S. Haven for some beach time and R. & R.  Thanks for the great comments and for checking my blog on Saturday – very busy and fun day on Bill’s Blog!