Joan Cusack

Review: Shopaholic is an opportunity to learn

March 15th, 2009 at 10:48 pm by under Entertainment

Sometimes movies are more about learning something than being entertained.  For a certain half of the population, this is the category “Confessions of a Shopaholic” will fall in to.

That’s because this movie is really geared more towards women and the readers of the series of books by the same name, written by author Sophie Kinsella.  But I knew that long before this movie ever came out… because my other half had already read the books.

While this may sound like another recent review… for those who have read the books, you should enjoy seeing the characters from the literary version of this story come to life on the big screen.   But for those who haven’t you may want to wait until this movie comes out on DVD.  Or if you find yourself seeing this movie as part of a date or “night out”… use it as an opportunity to learn something about women… and shopping.

I’ll be honest, this was on a list of movies to see, but to be fair, that’s because my wife sees so many “guy movies”, that what most would call a “chick flick” has to be the give and take on my preverbial watch list.

So while this movie has a pretty good story, with pretty interesting characters, and a decent premise, it became more of a chance to see things from another perspective that men don’t normally get: through the eyes of a woman.

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” puts you right into the world of Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher)… a young journalist, who’s life is all about shopping and would love for more than anything to have her career lead her to her perfect fit: a style magazine.

There’s so many lessons to be learned here guys… how important shoes are, the allure of purses, the critical nature of accessories… but the biggest lesson: